Common Foods Which Cause Diarrhoea

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Could the food you are eating be causing repeated trips to the toilet?

Here is our list of foods to watch, if you suffer from loose bowels.

However, if you have any unexplained burst of diarrhoea which goes on for more than a few days, you should always see your own doctor first, before making any self diagnosis!

Also, prescription medicines such as antibiotics can cause diarrhoea.

There are times when diarrhoea may be caused by foods and times when it is not. Times when it is not likely to be caused by foods are if there is either pus or blood present in the faeces or if you have a temperature, or are ill with a fever as well.

Other tips for prevention of diarrhoea outbursts are to make sure you have adequate hydration, as dehydration can be the cause of diarrhoea.

Additionally, if you do suffer an episode of diarrhoea, then make sure you drink enough to rehydrate yourself afterwards.

Water is not the only drink recommended – you may also sip flattened decaf drinks and highly watered down fruit juices. There is evidence that ginger based drinks may help also.

For eating, the experts recommend foods such as bananas, toast and rice – in other words, nothing to get your digestive system excited.


Because caffeine is a stimulant, it actually makes foods pass quicker through the digestive system. This means that your latte could be causing you to visit the loo a bit more often than you want to!

And caffeine is not only found in coffee, it is also lurking in sodas like Coca Cola and innocuous drinks such as hot chocolate.


Foods with a high fat content, such as deep fried foods can cause diarrhoea. Another reason to give up those deep fried Mars bars we fear!


Yes, even if you swap your high fat content for a fat replacement, the outlook for your bottom could still be bleak. Olestra is often used as a substitute for fat and can also cause intense toilet action!


Lovers of curry or Mexican foods might want to beware before ordering, that extra spicy dish could leave you chained to the loo afterwards!

Peppers frequently cause diarrhoea in people prone to suffering from it.


Fructose is the sugar found in fruits. Any food which is high in sugar may be a cause of loose motions later on and foods high in fructose are especially susceptible to causing the bowel problems.

Watch out for foods like grapes and juices such as apple, if you are suffering from diarrhoea.


Diarrhoea is often a symptom of gluten intolerance. People with Celiac disease can suffer from diarrhoea, but it is not only people with an official diagnosis who might have a problem with this.

If you suspect gluten may be the cause of your bowel problems, try cutting out wheat, barley and rye from your diet.


Similarly, milk and dairy products can also be responsible for triggering episodes of diarrhoea.

See if reducing or removing dairy products from your diet may help ease your diarrhoea.


These are a category of foods which some people find hard to tolerate in their system. They include artichokes, garlic, beans and onions.

There are more than just these on the list, but it something worth checking out or speaking to a dietician about, if you suspect that one of these foods could be responsible for your problems.

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