How To Advertise With EUROHS

We are a completely independent website, which features marketing and advertising, from all branches of medicine and pharmaceutical companies.

We do not favour any one advertiser and our adverts are always clearly marked.

Our site is increasing very quickly as a respected source of medical information and news stories. This makes us a good place to start for many medical and medicinal products and companies.

We publish a weekly newsletter, full of information about medical advances, health conditions and pharmaceutical news. And a lot more besides!

We have thousands of subscribers and most of our readers are highly educated people, with a good basic understanding of the topics we cover.

We also have a core of medical professionals as well as tech and pharmaceutical professionals, who also subscribe to EUROHS. So this means we can target businesses as well as consumers.

But we can do a lot more than just offer a good place to advertise with.

Our marketing team can offer you precise and up to date information on the best way to market your product on our site.

If you prefer, you can leave the advertising all up to us and we will create you an advert that will appeal to our readers.

Because our articles and blogs feature so many different health conditions and illnesses, this gives us the opportunity to tailor your advertising carefully with the right page. So that the reader will see your marketing information, at just the right time and only the correct, targeted people will be exposed to the advert.

This makes the whole experience for both the consumer and the advertiser far more efficient and satisfying.

Your advert size and type is up to you – we offer above and below the fold advertising. We can support video adverts and also place adverts via our social media sites.

Our marketing is discreet, clever, targeted and never intrusive. We do not like to spam our users, but offer them carefully tailored adverts which are relevant to them and their lives.

Principally, our site exists to inform and help the reader know more about health, medical issues and the correct use of pharmaceuticals.

We will not accept adverts that we think are unethical, in poor taste or otherwise dubious.

Research conducted by our own marketing department, as well as by independent sources, has shown the beneficial effects of advertising a product on our site. Our clients have been pleasantly surprised by the response that they have received to their adverts.

In order to advertise with us, please contact Marissa May, Head of Marketing and Advertising.

She will be able to assist you further and help you decide what type of marketing is the correct one for your product, your company and our readers.