Types of Cataracts that Need Surgery

Cataract is a medical condition affecting our eyes. It occurs when protein accumulates and hardens on the lens of the eye. People who have cataracts experience blurry vision, difficulty seeing at night, sensitivity to light, double vision, and falling. Untreated cataracts may lead to blindness.

There are actually different types of cataracts. Once a person is diagnosed with one of these, he or she needs to have cataract surgery.

Nuclear Sclerotic Cataract

Nuclear sclerotic cataracts are the most common, occurring among people above the age of 60. They form in the central area of the lens and are yellow or brown in color. People suffering from nuclear sclerotic cataract will first experience losing focus. These cataracts take time to develop and needs surgery when it comes too severe.

Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

Posterior subcapsular cataracts form in the back area of the lens. It occurs among people suffering from diabetes, nearsightedness, or retinitis pigmentosa. It also affects people who use steroids in high doses. This is the fastest-forming cataract among all types, exhibiting symptoms in a few months. This kind of cataract affects reading and causes light glares and halos to appear around objects. People who receive a posterior subcapsular cataract diagnosis need to prepare for surgery soonest.

Cortical Cataract

Cortical cataracts are white formations that develop around the lens cortex of the eyes.  They occur due to changes in the water content of the lens fiber. It causes vision to blur, as well as depth perception problems. People who have diabetes can also suffer from cortical cataracts.

Secondary Cataracts

Secondary cataracts occur due to other diseases, medications, and unhealthy lifestyle. This usually happens to people with diabetes. People with arthritis, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, hypoparathyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, obesity, and other eye diseases such as glaucoma may also develop cataracts. Children who have Lowe’s Syndrome also have cataracts.

Medications such as cortical steroid treatments and benzodiazepines, as well as exposure to tranquilizers causes cataracts. Excessive smoking, alcohol intake, and sun exposure also leads to the development of cataracts.

Secondary cataracts also appear many years after a person’s cataract surgery. It affects only a very small population of patients. You can treat this kind of secondary cataract with a follow-up surgery that is called YAG laser capsulotomy.

Congenital Cataracts

Congenital cataracts may form in infants with low birth weight or infections. Pregnant women who have German measles are prone to have children with congenital cataracts.

Getting Cataract Surgery

Eye doctors recommend cataract surgery primarily to people who have the first three types of cataracts in the article. Cataract surgeries are fast and relatively painless.

If you’re planning to have cataract surgery, make sure to look for a reputable eye clinic that has years of experience treating cataract patients. The Singapore eye clinic Shinagawa is a trusted medical institution in the area of cataract treatments. Shinagawa’s highly-trained eye surgeons worked in prestigious eye centres locally, in the USA, as well as Canada. Visit their website http://www.shinagawa.com.sg/en/services/cataract-surgery to know more about their cataract surgery services.

How Studying at a Proper Study Space Can Improve Health

You’ll probably be wondering what does studying, let alone studying at a proper study space have to do with health? Please bear with me as I do my best to explain the connection in the rest of the article.

Studying is very important for any student who is sitting for a test or the next major exam be it at the primary, secondary or university level. In Singapore, paper qualification is very important to secure a high paying job and better quality of life. As such, students are often pushed to their limits to excel. Students can feel stressed and pressured to succeed while preparing for different levels of major exams like the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), O/A Level exams or even courses/modules in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), polytechnics, universities and private schools.

Stress and pressure can be quite detrimental to students’ health . Students may get headaches while trying to cramp all the facts into their minds In addition, students may also develop sleeping disorders when they have insufficient sleep and sleepless nights when preparing for exams. The worst case scenario that may occur is students getting mental breakdowns when they cannot handle the pressure and stress.

In order to minimize pressure and stress and improve overall health, students need to have proper study habits and patterns. Ensuring that they divide their time appropriately, have healthy diets and receive adequate sleep are all common factors to improve health while studying for exams.

Another lesser known factor that can affect health while studying is a suitable and conducive study environment. It has been shown that a serene and quiet environment can lead to better quality studying, thus reducing stress and improving overall health.

However, sometimes the environment at home may be unsuitable for studying. Noise can come from within and outside the house from family members, siblings bantering, moving vehicles, construction sites and neighbors bickering. There may also be distractions from the television, radio, computers, game consoles and electronic devices like smart phones and tablets.

It is frustrating enough that the surrounding environment at home is unsuitable for studying but it is equally frustrating when students do not know where to study in Singapore. There are actually many conducive places to study in Singapore which can provide calm, relaxing environments for you to study better as well as reduce stress level and improve overall health.

These study space are equipped with proper tables and chairs. Their surrounding environments are quiet, calm and away from distractions. Their rooms are air-conditioned, thus providing coolness away from the sweltering heat and humid weather of Singapore. Some even have pantries that provide healthy refreshments like chamomile/green tea, nutritious snacks like protein bars and good old pure drinking water. These refreshments can be consumed to recharge the body, stimulate the mind and provide energy to study effectively.

One such study space which can provide a calm environment for healthy studying is Study One Corner. It is air conditioned, peaceful and packed with healthy refreshments. Visit Study One Corner for an ideal study room and be on the way to better studying and improved health.

What Are The Most Important Attributes Of An Efficient Wheelchair?

A wheelchair can not only make life easy in general for people with mobility issues, but also enable them to be more physically independent and not constantly require the support of care giver for moving around. There are plenty of wheelchair rentals in Singapore that offer their products and services at a highly affordable price. Given the fact that buying a new wheelchair can be an exorbitant investment, it is always a better idea to rent a wheelchair for a fraction of the cost. So, if you are planning to rent a wheelchair, here are a few important features that you might want to look out for.

Weight Support

One of the most obvious things that you need to consider while renting a wheelchair is ensuring that it is capable of supporting the weight of the individual using it. While some wheelchairs are capable of supporting weights of upto 130 kgs or more, the others are designed for individuals who are under 100 kgs. It would be worthwhile to clarify from the concerned officials the limit of weight support your chosen wheelchair would typically offer without getting damaged.

Wheel Size

Another important aspect of a wheelchair that largely influences its functionality is the size and utility of the wheels attached to it. The smaller wheeled chairs essentially require the assistance of a caregiver for pushing and pulling and are more useful for people who cannot even move their arms for steering the chair. On the other hand, the larger wheeled chairs provide easy access to the user for rolling the wheels and moving around of their own accord without the assistance of an attendant. That being said, you might want to ascertain your specific requirement before considering a wheelchair rental.


Wheelchairs can be quite useful not only around the house, but also while travelling with an incapacitated family member. Regardless of whether you need to go to the supermarket to pick up some groceries or are planning to visit your great aunt across the country, a foldable wheelchair is a great option that you might want to consider. Foldable wheelchairs can be easily hauled within the boot compartment of your vehicle and tucked away without taking up much space. Also when not in use, you can simply fold the chair and stow it away out of sight and prevent your house from looking too cluttered.

Quality Of Seat And Backrest

There are plenty of seat materials for wheelchairs out there for you to take your pick from. Again, you need to determine the utility of choosing a particular seat material for your wheelchair. If the user will mostly stay indoors, you can opt for a simple fabric seat and backrest wheelchair at an affordable price. However, if the user would be travelling a lot, or even going outside at times, you might want to consider renting a waterproof version that would not end up getting spoilt with exposure to moisture and can be easily dried off by wiping with a cloth.

Speak to the experts at Habibi Wheelchair, a premier wheelchair rental in Singapore, to get the best wheelchair rental services.

How to Choose a Specialist Eye Clinic to Get Your Cataract Surgery Done in Singapore

When it comes to eye-care, you can never be careful enough. After all, your eyes are like the lamps of your mind, and a life without good sight is hard to even imagine. As such, the specialist that you choose to take care of your eyes is very important for you to make sure that your eyes remain in the best of health.

There is no dearth of horror stories of botched surgeries and medical treatments that have left patients blind – sometimes even permanently! Needless to say, being very picky about how you let someone close to your eyes is vital to your eye health. After all, you are the only one who can take the best care of yourself!

However, the main question is, how do you select the right eye clinic specialist in Singapore when you’re suffering from eye problems such as cataract?

1) Check reviews

If possible, check the reviews that other cataract patients or any other patients have given the specialist eye clinic in Singapore. Of course, this may not always be possible because not all specialist eye clinics would be available for review online. However, this still remains one of the best sources of information as it is here in the reviews, and not in the specialist clinic’s description, that you will get the real idea of what the clinic does.

2) Ask around

Ask people who have had eye problems about how is cataract surgery done and whom they trust the most. Chances are, you may find the name of a particular specialist eye clinic coming up repeatedly in your conversations. This will be a great indicator as to who you should consult for your cataract surgery.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may discover that a particular eye specialist is well-known in your area as being an expert on cataract surgery. However, the popularity of the specialist may mean that his/her services are more on the expensive side. In this case, do a little more research and ask around – you may actually find specialists who are not popular, but are even better!

Other eye specialists, such as Shinagawa, an eye clinic in Singapore that does cataract surgery, are driven by experts passionate about their job. As such, you will end up finding the best quality cataract surgery services at amazing prices!

3) The technology used

Even though an eye specialist may know what is cataract and how to treat it, eyecare and eye-surgery tools and technology are constantly updated. This is another important factor that you need to check with your eye specialist- is the technology that they use the most updated of their kind? If yes, then the chances of a safe and successful surgery are significantly higher than others. Unlike Shinagawa Eye Care, for example, many other specialists do not bother to upgrade the equipment and technology they have. This is a very important factor to look out for.

Sticking to the right eye specialists can be all it takes between a successful cataract surgery and an operation gone seriously wrong. Contact our specialists at Shinagawa Eye Care for more information about your cataract surgery needs.


Common Foods Which Cause Diarrhoea

Could the food you are eating be causing repeated trips to the toilet?

Here is our list of foods to watch, if you suffer from loose bowels.

However, if you have any unexplained burst of diarrhoea which goes on for more than a few days, you should always see your own doctor first, before making any self diagnosis!

Also, prescription medicines such as antibiotics can cause diarrhoea.

There are times when diarrhoea may be caused by foods and times when it is not. Times when it is not likely to be caused by foods are if there is either pus or blood present in the faeces or if you have a temperature, or are ill with a fever as well.

Other tips for prevention of diarrhoea outbursts are to make sure you have adequate hydration, as dehydration can be the cause of diarrhoea.

Additionally, if you do suffer an episode of diarrhoea, then make sure you drink enough to rehydrate yourself afterwards.

Water is not the only drink recommended – you may also sip flattened decaf drinks and highly watered down fruit juices. There is evidence that ginger based drinks may help also.

For eating, the experts recommend foods such as bananas, toast and rice – in other words, nothing to get your digestive system excited.


Because caffeine is a stimulant, it actually makes foods pass quicker through the digestive system. This means that your latte could be causing you to visit the loo a bit more often than you want to!

And caffeine is not only found in coffee, it is also lurking in sodas like Coca Cola and innocuous drinks such as hot chocolate.


Foods with a high fat content, such as deep fried foods can cause diarrhoea. Another reason to give up those deep fried Mars bars we fear!


Yes, even if you swap your high fat content for a fat replacement, the outlook for your bottom could still be bleak. Olestra is often used as a substitute for fat and can also cause intense toilet action!


Lovers of curry or Mexican foods might want to beware before ordering, that extra spicy dish could leave you chained to the loo afterwards!

Peppers frequently cause diarrhoea in people prone to suffering from it.


Fructose is the sugar found in fruits. Any food which is high in sugar may be a cause of loose motions later on and foods high in fructose are especially susceptible to causing the bowel problems.

Watch out for foods like grapes and juices such as apple, if you are suffering from diarrhoea.


Diarrhoea is often a symptom of gluten intolerance. People with Celiac disease can suffer from diarrhoea, but it is not only people with an official diagnosis who might have a problem with this.

If you suspect gluten may be the cause of your bowel problems, try cutting out wheat, barley and rye from your diet.


Similarly, milk and dairy products can also be responsible for triggering episodes of diarrhoea.

See if reducing or removing dairy products from your diet may help ease your diarrhoea.


These are a category of foods which some people find hard to tolerate in their system. They include artichokes, garlic, beans and onions.

There are more than just these on the list, but it something worth checking out or speaking to a dietician about, if you suspect that one of these foods could be responsible for your problems.